Soul Night

by Timezone LaFontaine

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Somewhere in a parallel dimension, the latest material by inveterate underground hip-hop instigator Timezone LaFontaine blends seamlessly with The Who’s "Eminence Front" and Thin Lizzy’s "Johnny the Fox Meets Jimmy the Weed." Not merely content with shifting the paradigm, Timezone LaFontaine completely rearranges the paradigm into the form of a sentient, free-floating Moebius strip. The Moebius strip knows what time it is. It heads out on the road to find some music lovers who know how to get down with something coldblooded. The Moebius strip then approaches YOU at the stroke of midnight. It hands you the keys to a 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge, a joint, and the new Timezone LaFontaine album, Soul Night. You ease into the driver’s seat and survey the open road in front of you. The clouds part and reveal a full moon reflected in the wet pavement of a recently-passed storm. Without hesitation, you turn the key and feel the rumble of the 370 horsepower V8 engine. You hear a sinister live bass growl, all wrapped up in vinyl crackle and subtle digital glitchery. The sound of the wind along the coastal highway mixes exquisitely with Timezone LaFontaine’s deftly labyrinthine lyrics. The rhymes are a tapestry of observational musings interwoven with nods to Willie Nelson, Isaac Asimov, Fishbone, Edward Hopper, Tackhead, Salvador Dali, MC 900 Ft. Jesus, and Ray Bradbury. The beats sound like an unreleased Wax Trax! record has traveled in time back to 1974 and shacked up in a pirate radio collective. The synths sound like a tiger flexing its paws ecstatically on a Minimoog. As the bassline slithers hypnotically up and down your spine, you glance in the rear view mirror and notice the spirits of Waylon Jennings and Bernie Worrell in the back seat snapping their necks in a state of mellow euphoria. You look to the passenger seat and see your soulmate flipping off a shambling mob of zombie emcees. They weren’t invited to the proceedings because all the guest vocal slots were occupied by a who’s who of underground heavyweights: Camo, JSUN, Cheese N Pot-C, Sloe-T & Seed Verb, Donnie Ozone, Czech Norris, and The Impossebulls. It’s the endless road in the light of the moon. It’s your own reflection in a crystal-clear mirror of ultimate badness. It’s Timezone LaFontaine’s Soul Night.


released April 18, 2017




Timezone LaFontaine Asheville, North Carolina

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Track Name: Foolsgold

beat's tight – heat's right, simmering –
pre-flight – streetlights shimmering
lay tracks in the first rain drops on the blacktop
low rain clouds in the night the backdrop
gun the gas, hit the ramp, catch air til the ride lands, break left
kill the lights, kick the clutch in, shift gears – check the gift
fill the airwaves, def, respect in it
nightside, ease to the roadside
bass and cicadas, breeze and low tide
streets like mirrors – now the rain has passed by
stoplights flash yellow, mellow in the dashlight
style in sonic – atomic fusion
raw and honest through veiled illusion
allude impressions – crafting lyrical pointillism
dimension spherical

shave ice with the cream
high strung – is it a dream?

light mosaics, swift as shadowfax
rush like freshets, flooded cataracts
skyscape resembles a timelapse
toys step back and tremble when time raps
abstract – exact for the showcase
downshift – ease back to the slow pace
way past – massive as parcel post
chase cash – captive like starving ghosts
every evening, weaving through avenues
believe in a dream – focus on gratitude
every episode – nightfall, open road
long hauls, close calls, soul overload
overflow til the rhyme scheme forms up
four string tube amp head warms up
delivering work – wordsmith like christopher kirk
words like blades – blood sprays the page

flipside of the sunrays, razor's edge,
tipped by one phrase, brave the ledge
kicks incurred by capital spurs
gadgets incite the passion of herds
after all's said, is it all a scam?
They sell pepper's ghost and call it a hologram
bait and switch, roll the steelbelts
sound of crushed gravel bounce in the wheelwells
power to poets allays the rising fear
sound and the flow in arrays of knives in spheres
constellations reflections
between the clouds as they shift directions
cross-sections of thought in diagrams
take a blind man's hand, guide him to an eye exam
give 'em a rhythm and a reason to live again
twist the ignition, time to give a damn

tell you one thing, ain't never gonna let it go
vinyl, turntable, tape deck, spin, vertigo
when you got it then you know it's hard to handle that
step it to the fore if you can't keep standing back
live and immediate – right when we're feeling it
light in your eyes, night skies are revealing it
never relent – set on ascent
hey, where you been, Time? Man, paying the rent
deepen the game, right? and trouble steadily
keeping the flame alive in 2017
time of the preacherman and teaching is through
zone is the name, but the stranger to you
sound summed up one time in the right way
moonlight reflecting on a double-edged knife blade
dial back, til the vibe is apropos
zone was born to burn, still no status quo
Track Name: Southland Skies
Southland Skies

Back at it again – soul night
tracks starting to blend – hold tight
feel that song coming on like a cool breeze
sweet relief from the noon heat – move these
new beats through darkside in moonlight
bass live – pure sure and it's tuned right
through time – new rhymes on the blue line
feline – smooth style on the design
it's a long way to the next day
hit play – ease up to the freeway
trees sway, windsong overlaid a
triplet rhythm of ride on cicadas'
voicetone by luna essential
metallic symphonic, lull and crescendo
Break through – starscapes amaze you
praise truth and heart to raise roofs
Phrase new – best express the ancient set
portraits that ain't been painted yet
all the while, holding court on high
the starry expanse of the southern sky

southland skies with the stars like diamonds

that's what it feels like – that's what I been thru
from all the delight to the intense blue
no rewrites to the past of days
provide free rides to the castaways
we got room, you wanna get in
because the full bloom from the beginning
it's a seed that needs love and nurturing
nourishing beats with lyrics furthering
clear minds and skies of crystalline
rewind if you feel you missed a rhyme
this night ain't gon be like the last one
that's right – in the shadow of the vast sun
evening weaving thru – believe in you
freedom's due to sing a thing or two
sing a song of soul for the nightfall
nod your dome – the poem's sure tight y'all
got no lack in that aspect
an ice cold fact so show y'all's respect
you'll get that back as i'm giving you
the resonance we've been living through
Track Name: Graveyard Shift
Graveyard Shift

Another page in the tale of the graves
another stage in the unpaved trail that we blaze
another night's work in the starlight
same as last night and tomorrow night
airtight artwork from the archive
dream archetypes cold keep the fire alive
more grist for the millstone back home
handclaps crack like fractured backbones
hit the interstate
downshift heel toe drift technique exhilarate
oil on the street – iridescent hues
test the tune under crescent moon
all live bass guitar boom and bombast
combat rock type pirate broadcast
endless time – start driving through it
blend the rhyme – spark lighter fluid

audio spiraling – weightless – in filigree
spread virally to bass devotees
sound energy – unexpectedness
omnipresent freshness – decadence
check the graveyard shift type cut
midnight hour – nightowls rise up
next gear – tires leave the tarmac
test drive – we ain't bringing the car back
raw beats flowing – to each his own
launch sharpened poems from the speaker cone
lancet, sabre, switchblade, scythe
nine long lives and ninety-nine strong knives
carbon steel polished like a looking glass
start fire like a match to the cooking gas
third shift crew – blades carving through
open your eyes up – un chien andalou

plus rhymes by JSUN
Track Name: Heavier Than Ever
Heavier Than Ever

Highways in the sphere of astronomy
soul anomaly, heavy as I wanna be
70 plus in this cat's discography
head nod is the whole choreography
think you got that? I knew you could
pump up the track til it thump like it should
tuned like the deadzone til it feels tight
write and rewrite the rhymes I recite
reveal light to clear confusion, man
love's the one real thing in illusionland
perseverence – endurance
forgiveness if you choose to venture the currents
wind and water, like chisels to stone
blades unseen, unsung and unknown
nevertheless it's legit
coalescing the slice with the snare precise in the trap kit
call it a gift – i'm bereft of 'quit'
improve on the groove – get attuned when I shift it
slow roll in the soul as I travel
fried vinyl crackle – tires crush gravel
grind in the vocal – plate tectonics
gondwanaland style in the sonics
patient process – no way to stop it
make you say gravity check – drop it
heavier than ever

plus rhymes by Cheese n Pot-C
Track Name: Drive Through Midnight
Drive Through Midnight

this ain't a lab – floor is concrete slab
walls cinderblock – blue note cloth
tapestry print – minimal money spent
equipment's all used – all the jacks are loose
aces wild – deuce display the style
stay a while – on the highway play the file
flac encoded – back and loaded
heartache flowed it – hard to hold it
gotta break it to shine the light
hard to take it this time of night
balm to the soul – songs to unfold
dawn's far away – dusk is long ago
the road rolls – extends eternally now
serenity expressed as burning in sound
intensifier – wanna bring it higher
smoke in the blue ridge – call it a signal fire

drive through the midnight – keep the road in sight
span emptiness like a bridge might
long haul drivers – poets pulling all-nighters
insight for the fighters and the freedom riders

as for why the blend is fly intenseness
can't know the middle til you know where the end is
what you find – what you brought
how much more time do you think you got
you wanna make a bet?
you say you ain't where you're going yet
well, there's no way of knowing that
any act could be the last you perform
just a fact to affirm – no cause for alarm
lost souls strive to strike fear in the heart
erase steps forward back to nearer the start
when we thought we were reaching the dawn
the horizon recedes and the night goes on indeed...
old souls, not to speak on their behalf,
gotta play the long game to navigate the dark path
and my type strive to keep the rhymes tight
describe the vibe of the firelight

soul on the road – engine pumps pistons
switch gears from groove to resistance
in ill halls, shrill calls to build walls
reptile mind style – one size fits all
amid confusion demagogues shout supposed solutions
power grab's what that's about
divide and conquer tactics
degrade – attract dogmatic fanatics
smother thought that's critical
cast the others as the stereotypical criminal
desensitize anesthetized headset
disinclined to empathize in that
OLED glow, size of the parlor wall
451 if y'all still recall
kids killed by cops gunshots
mothers grieve, killers get paid leave
Track Name: Papa Made Out Like a Bandit
Papa Made Out Like a Bandit

another track on the path i choose
when other cats were just passing through
thanks for coming – slumming
lemme tell you something
i keep the low tones humming
toys done in
fresh noise in the blend
cleanse from beginning to end
when i'm spinning the pen
spyrographical exact flex
autobiographical – i snap necks,
live with the four string
sowing seeds – so it's free poetry – you know it's me
time to the z – rhymes that'll be
divine designs intertwined in the beat
drop the inkblot for the rorschach
think my gear's shot? still in earshot
bloodclots wanna act like a ratchetjaw
so fast with the smacktalk hatchet job
but when you step to check the back catalog
whole lotta wack lack and "i haven't got..."
I don't waste time on the bassline
carolina groove bbq – wanna taste mine
fatcats, save the coveted cash you hold
no covenant recovers your absent soul
keep the trip you wanna lay on me
unfocused anger and lame ennui
expressing pensive fear with expensive gear
i'm more like a lens – intense and clear
like a blade made of crystal
look at the ground, see your hand still holding the pistol

papa made out like a bandit
Track Name: Keep Your Blades Sharp
Keep Your Blades Sharp

bless this time of timelessness
each day's challenge is to find balances
refine talents in rhyme
malice's absence in this is love's practice divine
synthesize the style in the mix
slip off your kicks
turn it up – i'm up to old tricks
play cool – tune thoughts to breath control
mic technique exact – exceptional
still in defiance – build self reliance
trying to do right through the blue night
the soul night – the whole night through – enact the cut
my saw blade's sharp, and that's what's up
purified flow with the skill instilled
each pass on the path is distilled with force of will
drop tunes though the opportune moments
are few and far between – no postponing
when the chance arise
cause if you're waiting on a flawless block
of the clock face to rock
you'll waste the shots you've got to break through
stay true – focused – patient – make do
all opportunities available optimized
rephrase and rewrite if it ain't rocking right
rhythm to the rhyme to the lateral flex
balanced with the meaning you strive to express
calibrate as circumstance necessitates
next integrate all lessons and levitate
whether best known or less known
the edge of my blade stays next to the whetstone
the song plays – no wrong way or right way
cold-blooded knifeplay – night on the highway
ride keeps rolling through the soul, ethereal
style is subtle like the dark materials

plus rhymes by Donnie Ozone
Track Name: Nighthawks

Def expression – fresh in phrase
a unique track creator – stepping razor
treat me good – backed by the triple 8
beat generator – reinvigorate
slaughter's big rip off – timezone's flip off
essential listening – hell with the lid off
riff on the myth of rock for millenials
relevant – everpresent – perennials
burners in high contrast – a zephyr
from down south to the black rock desert
aerosolar flare – wildstyle in freeflow
freefall – y'all better look out below
comes down heavy as the night train
raw sound with the nuance of light rain
incense smoke for atmospherics yo
intense flows – most cats don't hear it though
makes no nevermind – in this endeavor i'm
preparing minds to shift paradigms
it's encoded – note it as a postscript
hope you dig the motif of the road trip
designed to elicit the vibe and feel
of the nighttime behind the wheel
when you're on that road – no map or gps
dead reckoning – sometimes you second guess
the path's defined by conscience, heart and mind
search for signs – sometimes they're hard to find
glad to have some fellow travelers
crafters of rhymeflow – sample scavengers
we remain true to the spirit
still got love – you can feel it and hear it
a stack of tracks – zone adds another
carve through steel like a plasma cutter

lyrics command dance floors
emanicipate spirit – friendly as a hand grenade
truth and soul – classic albums
nighthawks take flight – slash with talons
climb – elevate – gain perspective
landscapes – timespace – stay perceptive
minds open – edge of the prop blade
rhymes flowing – legend that's not played
underground tracks with raw tenacity
pedal to the metal – high velocity
long exposure – streaks like star trails
keep composure strong as art rails against oppressors
hearts gravitate to soul expressions
sparks activate to flames – reach the sky
sweep through – once-devastated spaces can renew
take it serious – your place in all this
twist of fate or whatever you call this
site of healing – dial the style up
protect – respect – raise my child up
short on cash but cherish the time we share
richer than the well-paid one who's barely there
dope basslines and beats – my style employs
wheels on the path of blacktop and wind noise
elements such as these as i'm telling it
high end gear and labels irrelevant
sonic sanctuary for visionaries
gain strength together like tributaries
form rivers that flow to the deep blue
may peace in the oneness keep you
ascend to skies – clouds illumined by luna
def tunes for nighthawks to groove in